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Alika's Site

Canine Disc

Alika and I have taken up the sport of Canine Disc as a fun hobby.

First Disc Dog competition
First Disc Dog competion
Copyright C. Gordon 2004

March 2004
Alika earned a total of 23 points towards the title of Disc Dog over the week-end of March 20th and March 21st, 2004.  When she has accumulated 100 points, she will be awarded the title.  Once I learn to throw better, it won't take long to accomplish this.

March 2004
Alika passed the Retrieval Proficiency Test on March 20, 2004.  The Canadian Disc Dog Association requires that a dog pass this title before the dog can compete in any disc events.

March 20, 2004  RPT (Retrieval Prociency Test)